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7 Best SAS Online Courses 2019

Certificate in SAS Programming

Offered By: University of California at San Diego

University of California at San Diego offers an online certificate of SAS programming.

The program includes 120 hours of instruction, and is composed of six courses: SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals; SAS Programming II: Advanced DATA Step Programming; PROC SQL using SAS; SAS Macro Programming; Output Delivery System (ODS) and Data Visualization Essentials using SAS; SAS Programming Capstone Project.

SAS Courses

Offered By: Udemy

Udemy offers a list of courses in SAS programming.

The courses include: complete and practical SAS, statistics and data analysis course; SAS programming complete, learn SAS and become data ninja, SAS programing, BASE certification course for SAS beginners; programming in SAS for beginners; the simplest guide to SAS programming.

SAS Programmer Professional Certificate

Offered By: SAS Institute

SAS Institute offers a SAS programmer professional certificate.

The beginner level certificate doesn’t require previous experice in SAS programming, and it takes about 2 months to complete, if you study about 14 hours per week.

The certificate includes three courses: getting started with SAS programming; doing more with SAS programming; practical SAS programming and certification review.

SAS Online Training Course

Offered By: EDUCBA

EDUCBA offers an online certificate for SAS training.

The online certificate includes nine SAS courses and eight projects.

The courses and projects are SAS features for beginners, Project on SAS – SAS graph, project on SAS – programming using SAS DS2, SAS statistics, SAS output delivery system, SAS PROC SQL, SAS PROC SQL features, SAS advanced project – SAS SQL, SAS advanced project – MACROS, SAS advanced programming, project on SAS – categorical data analysis, SAS MACROS tutorials, project on SAS – predictive modeeling with SAS enterprise miner, project on SAS – quantitative finance, SAS business analytics for beginners, business analytics using SAS beginners – business analytics course, SAS – advanced SAS, and logistic regression.

SAS Courses

Offered By: Skillshare

Skillshare offers a series course on SAS.

The courses include SAS Beginners Guide: prepare for SAS Base programmer certification, SAS advanced programming essentials: SAS macro language and SAS SQL, a SAS Base certification course, and more.

SAS Training and Certification

Offered By: Edureka

Edureka offers an online program of SAS training and certification.

The program covers topics like getting started with SAS, processing and integrating with data step, customizing datasets, advanced SAS procedures, advanced statistical proficiency with SAS, optimization of varibales and SAS DOS, PRO SQL, and using SAS macros.

Data Science with SAS Certification Training

Offered By: Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers an online program of data science with SAS certification training.

The program includes 64 hours of in-depth training and 4 real-life industry projects.

It covers topics like introduction to SAS, combining and modifying datasets, PROC SQL, SAS macros, basics of statistics, statistical procedures, data exploration, advanced statistics, working with time series data, and designing optimization models.