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9 Best Product Management Online Courses 2019

Product Management Certificate

Offered By: Cornell University

Cornell University offers an online program of product management certificate.

The certificate includes courses like preparing for success like a product manager, managing product teams, identifying and targeting customer needs, prioritizing for product roadmaps, designing and developing products, and managing the product life cycle.

Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking

Offered By: Boston University

Boston University offers an online course of product management with lean, agile, and system design thinking.

This course takes about 6 hours to complete, and it covers topics like product line planning, how to launch product and create a go-to-market strategy, performance management, and more.

The Product Management Studio

Offered By: The University of California. Berkeley

The University of California. Berkeley offers an online program of the product management studio.

The program covers topics like product management overview, business model design & building your customer story, target market and competitive advantage, value creation & delivery, value capturing, mobilizing and execution, and portfolio planning & storytelling.

Product Management Online Courses

Offered By: LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a list of product management online course.

The online training courses include becoming a product manager, product management first steps, technology for product managers, launching product, transitioning to product management, and more.

Product School Online Campus

Offered By: Product School

Product School offers an online class for product management.

The course takes about 2 months. Featured instructors are from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, TripAdvisor, Tinder, MasterCard, facebook, and airbnb.

Product Management Courses

Offered By: Udemy

Udemy offers a list of online courses of product management.

The online training courses include become a product manager, the complete product management course, product management 101, advanced product management, and product management A-Z.

Certificate in Product Management

Offered By: IE Business School

IE Business School offers an online course of brand and product management.

The course covers topics like how to launch new products manage their life-cycle, developing compelling brands, how to communicate your offering, build your product portfolio, translating brand into customer experiences, and equipping & engaging employees to deliver on the brand promise.

Product Strategy

Offered By: Northwestern University

Northwestern University offers an online training course of product strategy.

The course covers topics like developing a strategic mindset, managing partner ecosystem, analyzing new product opportunities, developing a go-to-market strategy, creating personas & positioning, and learning from real world cases.

Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

Offered By: University of Virginia

University of Virginia offers an online course of digital product management – modern fundamentals.

The online training class covers topics like achieving focus & winning, using today’s product management methods, exploring a new product idea, and amplifying an existing product.