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9 Best DevOps Online Courses 2019

Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Offered By: University of Virginia

University of Virginia offers an online course of Continuous Delivery and DevOps through Coursera.

The course is 100% online and requires about 10 hours to complete. It covers the importance of velocity & the jobs of delivery, testing stack, the infrastructure & the jobs of Ops, and delivering continuously.

DevOps Culture and Mindset

Offered By: University of California, Davis

University of California, Davis offers an online course of DevOps Culture and Mindset through Coursera.

The course requires about 19 hours to complete. It covers introduction to DevOps concepts, working with DevOps mindset, keeping work organized with DevOps, and Using DevOps to speed up time to market.

Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps

Offered By: Microsoft

Microsoft offers a program for DevOps.

The program is composed of 9 courses. Each course takes from 8 to 16 hours to complete.

The topics includes introduction to DevOps practices, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and continuous development, configuration management, testing in continuous delivery pipelines, database integration in continuous delivery environment, application monitoring, and architecting apps.

Introduction to DevOps

Offered By: University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley offers an online course of introduction to DevOps.

The online training takes about 30 instruction hours. You need to have prior experience in software development to take the course.

DevOps Certification Training Course

Offered By: Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a DevOps certification training course.

The topic covers subjects like introduction to DevOps, version control systems, continuous integration & deployment, software & automation testing frameworks, configuration management tools, containerization with docker, continuous monitoring, need of cloud in DevOps, and practice projects.

DevOps Certification Training

Offered By: Edureka

Edureka offers an online DevOps certification training.

The training program covers topics like overview of DevOps, version control with Git, Git, Jenkins & Maven integration, continuous integration using Jenkins, continuous testing with Selenium, continuous deployment: containerization with Docker, containerization with Docker: ecosystem and networking, continuous deployment: configuration management with Puppet, configuration management with Ansible, containerization using Kubernetes, continuous monitoring with Nagios, and introduction to DevOps on cloud.

DevOps Foundations

Offered By: LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers an online course of DevOps foundation.

The online training course covers topics like what DevOps is, DevOps core values and principles, DevOps tools, how to create positive DevOps culture, and how to build a continuous delivery pipeline.

Understanding DevOps

Offered By: Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers an online course of understanding DevOps.

The course covers topics like the big picture of DevOps, implementing DevOps in the real world, AgilePM project management, test-driven development, continuous integration & development, orchestration & automation, infrastructure from code, testing automation, and continuous monitoring.

DevOps Training

Offered By: MindMajax

MindMajax offers an online course of DevOps Training.

The course takes about 30 hours. It covers topics like introduction to DevOps, Introduction to Linux, continuous integration tools, cloud computing & virtualization, DevOps adoption, Chef, PUPPET, VAGRANT, course code management -GIT & Nexus, JENKINS, monitoring tools – Nagois & Zenoss, application architecture of DevOps, configuration management, general environment setups, and practice test & interview questions.